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ProDental Hygiene LLC is an independent dental hygiene practice. All services done by a registered dental hygienist.
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About Lilia Hamblin

  My name is Lilia Hamblin. I am happy to introduce my Dental Hygiene Independent Practice. 
  I have been a dental hygienist for over 14 years and I have worked in a variety of private and public health dental settings in the Portland and Seattle areas. I graduated from Pacific University, Hillsboro, OR in 2009 with a bachelor degree in dental hygiene. I have an Expanded Practice Permit that allows me to provide dental hygiene services independently, without the onsite supervision of a dentist. 

My professional philosophy

  I work side by side with medical professionals to increase public awareness about the importance of oral health as a part of overall general health and well being. My goal is to make my patients` experience comfortable, stress free and achieve the best outcome possible when it comes to services I provide. The appointment time is based on your individual oral health needs and might last from 45 min to 2 hours. 
  Note: Patients should always see their dentist for a complete dental exam at least once a year.
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