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ProDental Hygiene LLC
Family Dental Hygiene Services
Essential Oral Health Care
ProDental Hygiene LLC is an independent dental hygiene practice. All services done by a registered dental hygienist.


1. Regular dental cleaning ( prophylaxis )

2.Sensitivity relief/remineralization/decay prevention therapy ( this highly effective formula is   ideal for patients who just had a whitening procedure done) 

3. Scaling and Root Planing ( " deep cleaning" ) 

4. Periodontal Maintenance 

5.  In-Office Fluoride Treatment 

6. Teeth whitening treatments:

  Zoom! Philips Laser light in-office professional teeth whitening - $420

One of the most famous and effective in-office teeth whitening available on the market . Up to 8-10 shades in one treatment. Gum barrier is applied prior to the treatment to protect gum tissue and exposed root surfaces. Teeth desensitizing solution mixed into the whitening gel for maximum comfort and protection.

 IBrite LED light in-office professional teeth whitening and take-home whitening kit - $250

Gentle but effective quick refreshment for your natural bright smile. Ideal for teenagers, people with sensitive teeth, and periodic maintenance after the initial Zoom! teeth whitening. Up to 6 shades difference after one treatment. Gum barrier is included.

Glo Science  in-office treatment - $299

The system is the most advanced and innovative on the market when it comes to delivering great results in a short period of time. Up to 8 shades in just 30 minutes!  It also doesn`t cause any teeth sensitivity. Gum barrier has to be applied prior to the whitening. The company also makes over counter teeth whitening kits. If you shop in Sephora stores you probably saw these kits for about $300. They are somewhat effective but not as much as professional in-office treatments or professional maintenance kits available from dental providers. 
Glo Science kits also cost less if you buy them in dental offices. For more info about Glo Science please schedule a consultation or visit

Take-home teeth whitening kit* - $39

*All contents of the kit are made by FDA approved USA companies and are safe to put in your mouth