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"Brilliant Smile" Zoom ! White Speed 
professional whitening treatment

Zoom! Phillips WHITE SPEED LIGHT is a new generation of professional teeth whitening lights that allows to get excellent results with minimum teeth sensitivity and discomfort
Limited time deal- $159 ( 65%off)
( Bonus: FREE sensitivity relief treatment - $39 value) 

Complete preventative and whitening package

Limited time deal - $275 (60% off)
   prophylaxis ( regular cleaning)-$100 value 
            2.Zoom! 1 hour laser teeth whitening - $400 value
            3.Sensitivity relief treatment -$39 value


1. Regular dental cleaning ( prophylaxis ) - $100

2.Sensitivity relief/remineralization/decay prevention therapy ( this highly effective formula is   ideal for patients who just had a whitening procedure done) - $39

3. Scaling and Root Planing ( " deep cleaning" ) - TBD 

4. Periodontal Maintenance - $150 

5.  In-Office Fluoride Treatment - $25

6. Teeth whitening :

   IBrite LED light in-office professional teeth whitening-  Sale $150 ( regular $200)

   Zoom! Laser light in-office professional teeth whitening - $400. 

GROUPON customers, please contact me before you purchase $139 ZOOM! deal for an appointment availability.

Note : average results vary depending on the initial shade of your teeth, frequency of drinking coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, age, etc. Dental exam within 12 months recommended prior to whitening to make sure there is no untreated decay present on your front teeth and premolars. 

Contraindications for teeth whitening: active periodontal disease, pregnancy, tooth decay, oral herpes in active stage, medications that might cause photo sensitivity.